Friday, 9 August 2013

Vidur to the King’s rescue

One day King Adiveera was taking a stroll around his kingdom. Vidur decided to accompany his King. The King too was very  happy as this gave them some private time together. 

King Adiveera enjoyed the company of his young counsel as the exuberance of his  youth combined with his wisdom made Vidur not only adorable but a respectable young man too!

As they were riding on their horses, a gang of people suddenly tried to attack the King. In a flash Vidur kicked his horse and made him gallop ahead of the King blocking  the way between the attackers and the King.

He then raised his hand and in a bid to calm the attackers down, told them get off their horses.  As a confidence gaining gesture he too climbed down.  The attackers, not having anticipated this, did what was told to them.

Vidur then, bravely walked ahead and spoke to the man who seemed to be the head of the gang. “Our King is a valiant and good human being. There is no need for you to approach him in this manner. Tell him your problems and he will resolve them” said Vidur in a very firm, yet caring voice.

But the men were in no mood for any compromise. The head of the gang stepped forward and told Vidur that the King has done them a lot of wrong and they are angry with the King.

“If your King was fair and just, he would have taken care of his people who languish in the interiors of these forests. He would have provided housing for the people that you say he so cares for. Allow me to kill him” roared the head of the forest dwellers.
Having heard their problem, Vidur realised that their anger was genuine and needed to be addressed.  Yet to mitigate the situation, Vidur further softened his voice and asked the leader if he had taken his problems to the King in the past. The forest dwellers nodded their heads conveying that they had not done so.

“So, this is the first time you are approaching your King with your concerns. If you want your situation to improve you must give your King a chance to prove himself. But if you want to act in your anger, you may kill the King”, said a wise Vidur.
There was silence and nobody moved. Vidur continued “Anger is the punishment you give your body for the mistake that your mind perceives to have been done by someone.”

Vidur asked the chief of the forest dwellers why he had been silent all these days and never approached the King. He could not reply and merely said that he assumed that the King would know.

Vidur smiled gently and told the angry mob that their minds perceived that the King had made a mistake, while in reality the King was merely unaware of their problems. Their anger would affect their physical health and explained to them that killing the king will not resolve their issues.

The anger seemed to ease and the forest dwellers calmed down.

The King then stepped forward and heard their complaints and ensured that every possible help reached the people as early as possible.

King Adiveera thanked Vidur for his bravery and wisdom. Vidur merely said

“A good King, deserves a brave minister!”