Sunday, 4 August 2013

A bully becomes a bigger bully!

One day King Krishnadevaraya was extremely angry with Tenali Raman for a mistake that he had committed.

He called all the ministers, who too were very angry with Raman for bullying people in the kingdom. The King decided to punish Raman for his unworthy behaviour. The ministers decided to give the harshest punishment to Raman. They decided to make good use of this God sent opportunity and gave him a very tough and harsh punishment. 

The ministers told the King that Raman should sit near the sea every day and count the number of waves, for the rest of his life. The King of Vijayanagar did not anticipate that the ministers would spell such a harsh punishment to Raman. Yet, he could say nothing.
From the next day Raman was found sitting near the sea and counting the countless waves. Anybody who did not know Tenali Raman’s ability would have empathised with him.

And even such people had to wait for only three days before Raman’s quick wit came to his aid.Three days later all the fishermen from the kingdom were seen outside the King’s palace. 

The King was surprised and asked them what the matter was. They have been ordered not to take their boats into the sea. Therefore they did not have anything to eat. Their savings too have been reduced to nil. On hearing this, the King was angered beyond words. He, at once wanted to know who gave such orders. The ministers came back and told the King that Tenali Raman had given the orders.

The King left the palace on his horse, riding towards the sea. Upon reaching the sea shore he went in search of Raman, who was sitting in a very relaxed position, throwing little pebbles on the shore. On seeing the King come towards him Raman stood up and bowed in front of the king.

“What do you think you are doing?” demanded the King. “Nothing, Maharaja. I was throwing stones on the sand” said Raman innocently. The King was further angered. “Did you tell the fishermen not to take their boats into sea? “, the King wanted to know.
“Yes, Maharaja. You told me to count the waves. If they take their boats into the sea the waves made by their boats will interfere with the sea waves and I will not be able to report the correct number to you. Therefore I asked them not to take the boats till I finish counting the waves” said Raman in all earnest.

The King ordered him to return to the palace at once!