Monday, 26 August 2013

A friend in deed!

In the Indian mythology human emotions are described using every day happenings as examples. The visual impact of these common occurrences serves as great teachers.

When you see these happening without associating the connotation you see them as mere, insignificant every day occurrence. But when you know the association, you will not be able to see it as you did before!

One such narration is about the friendship between milk and water!

Water and milk were very good friends and were inseparable. It so happened, that man discovered the way to make fire. In time, he realised that raw food had contamination and decided to boil milk.

One day, when he tried to boil the milk the water became vapour and left its friend. Milk was unable to bear the separation from its friend and followed the vapour in search of water. In the process it swelled up and was about to jump out of the container. On seeing this man poured some water into the milk and the happy milk stayed in the container with its friend!

What we learn from this simple narrative is that there are positive lessons for us to learn from simple things that happen around us. Common things teach us very important lessons that we miss to notice.