Thursday, 13 August 2015

Gasping Freedom!

Freedom flew up above in the form of birds,
Freedom grazed the green grass as cattle herds.
Freedom touched the expanse of earth as water,
Alas, freedom went to man to make sun hotter!

Freedom gave light to the night sky as moon,
Freedom, by its very nature, is life’s greatest boon.
Freedom gave the wet firmament the coloured hue,
The freedom to build skyscrapers ruined the view!

Freedom moistened dry earth as rain showers,
Freedom blossomed on the green plants as flowers!
Freedom stood towering above the land as mountains,
Alas, they stood shortened by man-made fountains!

Freedom made the earth rich in precious metals,
Freedom enriched fragrant flowers with colourful petals!
Freedom filled the forest with green trees and wildlife,
But freedom reached mankind as sword and knife!