Sunday, 8 September 2013

Tenali Raman and Babar

Around the same time that King Krishnadevaraya ruled the Vijayanagara, Babar was ruling Delhi. One day Babar sent out an invitation asking Tenali Raman to visit him. With the blessings of the King, Raman went to Delhi.Babar greeted Raman and introduced him to the courtiers. But before Tenali Raman came to the court the King had ordered his courtiers not to laugh for any of the jokes or the witty remarks that Raman cracked!

As soon as Tenali Raman took his seat the King told Raman that he had heard a lot about Raman’s quick wit and wanted Raman to Share some of his experience with his courtiers.Raman shared with Babar’s court his experiences in the most engaging and witty manner possible. But there was no reaction from his listeners. The next day Raman was demotivated to attend the court, but decided to give it one more try.

The result, though, was nothing different from the first day. On the third day Raman woke up early and reached the farm through which the king passed daily. He disguised himself as an old man and was digging the soil. A small mango sapling lay beside him.

On seeing an old man trying to plant a sapling, the King asked Raman, “Oh old man, why are you struggling to plant this sapling. You are so old that you may not be alive to enjoy the fruits of your labour”!

Raman replied thus: “Oh majestic King, who am I to teach you the morals of life. Yet allow me to say this. The trees planted by my forefathers bore fruits which I enjoyed. I am planting this tree, so that my children may enjoy the fruits of this tree.”

Impressed by the old man’s answer the king awarded him 100 gold coins. As the King was about to leave, the old man called out to the King and told him that he has, for the first time received the fruits of his labour even before planting the sapling.Babar found it difficult to hide his amusement and rewarded the old man with a further 100 gold coins. As the King was about to leave the old man again called out to him.

This time when Babar turned around, the old man was peeling off his beard and in his place stood Tenali Raman.Babar praised Raman’s wit and hailed him as a very intelligent and wise minister.

Tenali Raman did not lose his temper and in the gentlest manner showed the King his worth. 

It may take a while for us to prove our worth, but if we allow patience and wisdom to guide us, success follows.