Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The majestic roar of silence!

One day Vidur was walking along the forest to his grandparents’ house. He preferred to walk the stretch as he loathed the cramped bullock cart ride.He chanced upon a merchant who looked downcast. He gently approached the merchant and sat next to him. Vidur asked the merchant what the matter was. The merchant seemed withdrawn and initially refused to divulge any information. But his face spoke his pain and Vidur could not leave him to suffer in silence.

He told the merchant that bad times do not last in the company of good people. When the merchant heard the remark he opened up and asked Vidur how he was so certain. Vidur was now a relieved man. At least the ice was broken between them. 

Vidur told the merchant to give him a chance and the merchant slowly began.

“I am a merchant and sell things in the village on the other side of the forest. I have been minding my work silently for the past three years” the merchant said in a melancholic tone. 

“A few months back a merchant came to our village to set shop. I welcomed him with open arms as I understand the frustrations and the risks associated with our profession” said the merchant opening up slowly.

“I think you did right” said Vidur listening intently to the merchant. “But, of late, he has started using loudspeakers to attract clients and my worry is that I may lose my livelihood” the merchant completed with a deep sigh. Vidur smiled gently as he began comforting the merchant. Vidur asked the merchant if he had seen a swan drinking milk. The merchant could not understand the correlation and looked blank. Vidur chuckled mildly and told the merchant that the way he did his business was like the swan separating the milk from the water only for its consumption. The milk remains milk while the water is left behind. 

“Now compare this with separating the milk from water using force. If you add a drop of lime juice to the milk it still separates into water and milk. But in this case the milk does not remain milk. It curdles unnaturally and is no good for consumption” reflected a wise Vidur. 

The merchant remained silent for a while as he understood the difference. Vidur told the merchant that efficiency is not proportional to the amount of noise one makes or the crowd one gathers around oneself. 

“In fact efficiency is going about your daily chores and duties effortlessly and this is the seed to success” said Vidur to the merchant. The merchant stood confidently and thanked Vidur for his timely advice.