Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The height of ego!

Mount Vindhyachal was once irked by the comments passed by Narad Muni. Narada praised Mount Meru and told the Vindhyachal that the sun God circled around Mount Meru.The jealous Vidhyachal decided to grow as tall as Mount Meru and started growing in height day by day. The Gods in heaven feared that he may grow piercing the heavens. 

The Gods approached Sage Agasthya. Agasthya was known to be the first Siddhar. Sage Agasthya was well known and is even considered the father of Siddha medicine.On hearing the story of the Gods, the sage decided to help them. He approached the Vindhya Mountain and in order to temper his vanity asked him to stop growing. Agasthya was very short in stature and needed to cross over the mountain in order to reach the south of India. 

The mountain was in mood to relent and stood firm in his decision. The sage too stood firm. Finally the sage requested the mountain to shorten his height till he went across to the other side. The mountain obliged.

After crossing over, Agasthya told the mountain to stay short in height until he returned. After crossing over to south of India, from the north, the sage and his family never crossed the mountain and go to the other side. 

Outwitted, the Vindhyas remain short to this day. Though the Gods were happy that the Vindhyas obeyed the sage, the sage drew attention to the great mountain’s benevolent act.