Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The myth called women’s liberation - Part I

I woke up in the morning to a news article that instantly caught my attention.
There seemed a lot of hope for the rape victims and girls and women who inhabit the lengths and breadths of this country. A new bill has been proposed that will provide instant solution to the age old problem.
The salient features from the bill are enlisted for readers’ benefit:
If the bill is passed, the law would read thus:

  1. Women are to be declared the sole bread winners of families.

This would mean that women candidates will be preferred over their male counterparts and will be paid more than the men in every field including Tennis!

  1. 1.     Single men and destitute men (Men who have lost their spouse and have a family to raise) will be considered favourably for a vacancy created by a lady’s demise, provided they have the requisite skills that the job demands.

This by-law would imply that when the wife dies, leaving behind a dependant husband and son, the job she was holding will be given either to the husband or the son, provided the woman does not have a daughter.

  1. 2.     Expectant women can train their husbands to do their job for a maximum period of up to 1 year after child birth.

This by-law provides for the vacancy that would be created when a lady takes maternity leave. Nevertheless, she should join duty before the expiry of one year failing which her husband would be asked to either resign or hand over duty to another woman recruited in his wife’s position.

  1. 3.     Special transport arrangements have to be made by companies for the pick-up and drop of the employees which will operate exclusively for the employees and no other people - in particular, men, would be allowed to travel by these vehicles.

This would mean that offices have specific work hours and even if one employee has to work extra hours, special facility would be created to ensure her safe return home. The Employer is responsible for the employee’s transport; nevertheless if the employee chooses to use her own transport, the employer is absolved of this responsibility.
After reading the proposed law and its implications I wondered what the outcome would be like. I was even more curious to know how society would be affected at large.
I silently prayed that the bill should be passed, before tossing the paper aside and getting dressed to get to office on time.         
                                                                        ...to be continued