Assorted ideas is about stories both in the form of prose and poetry. The stories belong to various genres from flash to fiction and humour to culture.

These stories will appeal to people across age groups and having varied interests.

Fiction : Under this head I am writing a series that is set in future time. The characters are from a distant past. This fusion makes for an interesting read.

Humour : This head contains stories that make you laugh and think at the same time.

Lifestyle Stories : These take a poke at the fast paced, unhealthy lifestyle that has become a part of everyday living.

Animal Stories: Sometimes it is easier to convey some messages through animals. When imagination is given a wing, animals get human tongue!

Devotional Stories: These are stories from the past which help reinstate our inner faith.

Stories from Indian Culture: Such stories help in comparing cultures of the world and giving the best from across cultures to the readers

Stories from Indian Epics: Some interesting stories are lost in the mire of evolution. An attempt has been made to revive such stories and present them without loss of sequence.

Wisdom Stories : Some rare gems are handed over from one generation to other. Preserving them is the duty of every generation. These are the tales that have been handed over from many generations that inhabited the earth!