Welcome to Assorted Ideas!

This blog depicts the state in which human imagination and thought more often are in. To tame this imagination within the bounds of the spoken words can sometimes be challenging. But those who have done this successfully have been able to harness the raw power of their imagination by imprisoning them into imprinted words.

Through their words their ideas remained immortal, serving as a creative key to generations after curious generations, until fiction became fact.

Creativity that is fueled by imagination and fed with passionate work can create magic on earth. So why are we afraid of imagination? Do we feel that we may lose track of reality? 

Think again. Today’s fact was yesterday’s fiction. Lose yourself in this ocean if you really want pearls.

As you read through the articles in this site, feel free to discuss, debate and share your thoughts and ideas. You will find stories, articles and poems in this blog that may motivate you at times and at times make you ponder or laugh.

Feel free to write in your comments and express your thoughts. My only request to the readers would be to use such words which will mend. Please don’t use abusive words or foul language.

Happy reading…