Monday, 16 October 2017

Intelligence is a subset of information!

Pronouncing his verdict, he walked in
Making sure to be heard above the din!
'She needs to be put in her place,' he declared,
An assumed self-glory, his gait loudly blared!

Feigning serious looks, the family gathered
Though, to listen to her tale, none bothered!
Humiliated, she knew it was best to remain silent
For, anything she said would only deepen the dent!

'A childhood abuse or a deep hurt it must be,'
Said one intelligent-looking man, sans glee!
Before adding, 'Or perhaps a mental instability'
So let's conduct some tests to check her ability!'

With a dignified silence, she readily complied
'You seem mature and brave,' the doctor replied!
You have done all that you could and much more
He said, revealing her strength, to the family's four!

She wished people around had been a little wiser
While using harsh words, each one more of a miser
The words, once spoken in haste can't be withdrawn
For what remains broken is the heart, not the brawn!

They say time has an immense power to heal
And given its time, the deepest gash, it can seal!
With hope, she began collecting the broken pieces
Ignoring the on-lookers taunts and their teases!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Build your castle

Build your dream castle
Even if over your emotional debris
For every piece of art
Stands over ugly landfill

Chase your dream goal
Even if you have to run on bare feet
For many, a race was won
Through the strength of soul

Set your eyes on the star
Care not about the million miles
Every feat is only a dream
Until someone raised their bar

Let no man hold you back
For, impossible is nothing but a myth
And with eyes set on the goal
Nothing is too tough to crack

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Reparations - Can the Indian men do it?

What a brilliant speech by Shashi Tharoor. Taking a leaf out of his speech, here is one on behalf of women who have been subjected to exploitation by their own men.

Mr.Tharoor, Indian women do not feel like Henry the VIII's wife because we keep doing the dowry business differently each time. If it is gold one season, it is car the next, until diamonds are called in to trend the next! While the economic condition of the brides' parents decreased, any lifeless numbers in the name of statistics, would not help in bringing the dead back to life. And this simply because men assumed that their potential fathers-in-law were employed to benefit their economic cause. The raise in financial status of the men has been largely funded by parents of brides.
Most girls in independent India are seeing their parents weave, beautiful homes, painstakingly, sacrificing even their basic needs, only to see all of it drained away in the name of marriage. The word loot originally belonged to India and the habit mastered by their men in the holy name of weddings. After paying hefty sums as dowry, all that the brides get to enjoy is the role of unpaid servants, with an further demands that only seem to escalate with years. Infact they literally pay for their own oppression!

Half of today's wealthy Indian population owe their status to this dowry economy. Dowry, on paper has been abolished, but not a single rupee has been paid as compensation - neither as reparations for those who lost their lives, nor to those who lost a good share of their earnings. Families educated the boys, fed them better, used the daughters to serve their sons, diverted family resources to give expensive education to the boys, for, the thus gotten education serves in getting higher dowries!
Every marital relationship begins in darkness, thereafter there is no sunshine for the brides. Since it is Indian men who are at the helm of the dowry affairs, no numbers would reveal the brutality of the ground reality!

A lot has been said to justify the acceptance of dowry, including the exhibition of parental love for their daughter, though the same was achieved even without doling out wealth in the name of dowry. Dowry was given to serve the man's interests rather than the girl's. The men made all the profits, controlled the bride's life after marriage and benefited hugely through this established institution.

The feeble voice of the Indian government fails to reach the noisy market place where deals are struck based on the purchasing power of the bride's parents. But, unfortunately, the rule of this game has been weird. The purchaser is not allowed to take home what he had purchased. Instead the deal only ensures that he gives away all forms of wealth, including his hard earned money and the daughter that he had so lovingly brought up.

Maybe today's young men have changed and are not responsible for the actions of the earlier generations, but is it not in keeping with the same principles of reparations for the wrongs that have been done that they pay a token amount? Here again, there is a moral debt that needs to be paid, much like the one that Mr.Tharoor is demanding from the Britishers.

Can the women of India demand reparations from their men? But surely Mr.Tharoor, this will open up a nasty Pandora's box!

Let me say with even greater respect, that democracy and the rule of law that has been in existence on Indian soil has done no better under the rule of Indians! The Indian democracy is only functioning because it is based on women slavery. The fact is, very simply, sir, that we are not talking about reparations as a tool to empower the women, but for the men to atone for the wrong doings. The women understand that it is impossible to put a value by way of monetary sum to the horrors that the women have suffered. Certainly no amount of money can expiate the loss of a loved one as we all know without needing to be pointed out!

It is most definitely the principle that matters. While setting an innocent girl on fire, the husband could sustain injuries, but by no means can it counted as collateral damage. The truth is that we are not arguing that a huge sum of money be paid. The proposition before this great (?) nation is the principle of owing reparations, not the fine points of how much is to be paid. The question, here too, is, 'Is there a debt?' Do the men of India owe reparations? As far as the women are concerned, the ability to acknowledge the wrong that has been done, to simply say 'sorry', will go a longer way than establishing few NGO's and care homes in the form of aid. Here again reparations, given by way of a token sum given by the groom's father to the bride's parents for the next 70 years, for the last 70 years of dowry practiced in independent India, should make the women happy.

Monday, 5 September 2016

So long as I can hold on to my smile!

Image result for smileA million marathon I would run,
Setting my wandering feet in jest and fun!
Conquering the distance mile by mile,
So long as I can hold on to my smile!

An eternity I would spend teaching,
Concepts that need practicing and preaching!
Correcting the papers, pile after pile,
So long as I can hold on to my smile!
Image result for smile
Countless cases I would fight,
Placing my points to champion human rights!
Pouring over every fact, file after file,
So long as I can hold on to my smile!

Image result for smileMy days I would spend doing my job,
Gearing up to face the struggle without a sob!
Curbing thoughts, negative and vile,
So long as I can hold on to my smile!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

The Ultimate Giver

After a week in bed, my son got to his feet after the dengue fever. He had some notes to be photocopied and both of us decided to take a short stroll.

Once the job on hand was done, we began our walk back and as always my son’s foodie feet started slowing at the sight of a food stall. I let him take a look. I just wanted him to get back to normalcy.

Though in his early teens now, I feel emotionally drained when he falls sick.  He wanted to eat something hot and I stopped near the corn vendor. The lemon and chili powder that the street side vendor rubbed over the corn made our tongues water liberally.

I asked my son to head back home, while I stood there patiently waiting in queue, behind the others who had placed their orders before me. When the guy ahead of me had to pay, he realized that he ran short of Rs.5/-. The corn vendor told him to give it the next time he bought corn. I was awestruck at the generosity of this road side vendor.

Instantly, I decided to pay an additional Rs.5/- along with my share. He accepted it gracefully and I proceeded. As I neared the next stall that sold flowers and greens, I realized that I needed coriander and curry leaves. I asked the vendor to give me a bunch of each.

I opened the purse to shell out the money. As I fumbled, I realized that I was running short of Rs.5/- !

“Bring it along tomorrow,” I heard the generous vendor say before he proceeded to serve his next customer.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Stranded with a single strand!

King Vallabh Verma was getting old, though his queen did not think so. One day, as luck would have it, the King encountered a demon which agreed to be the King’s slave, provided the King kept him engaged with some work. Only too delighted with the constraint placed by the demon, the Kind took him along to the palace.

The next two months saw the tired King enjoying his retirement, while the demon carried out the King’s orders to near perfection. Soon, like a storm in a tea cup, trouble began to brew.

The demon began completing his assigned tasks faster and with better accuracy. The King was running out of jobs to keep the demon engaged with.

He called for an emergency meeting and the best of his ministers were told to keep the demon engaged. But soon, they too ran out of tasks to keep the demon busy.  The palace was running from pillar to post, finding new jobs.

Finally, exasperated, the King narrated the happenings to the Queen.

The Queen tried hard to suppress her amusement. She then told the King to bring the demon to her chambers.

“Are you sure, my Queen? He has me all tired within just two months. Ruling the kingdom was not as difficult as keeping the demon engaged,” the King confessed.

The Queen was sure that she could tackle the situation. The demon was ordered to meet the Queen in her chamber. As soon as the demon was in, the queen pulled out a silver strand of hair from her wise head. She gave it to the demon and asked him to split it length-wise into a thousand parts.

It is believed that the demon is still hard at work, while the King ruled his kingdom with renewed energy.

The King is believed to have asked the Queen how she had managed to tackle the demon.

“Experience,” she had summed up!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Leathery Finish!

A drop of water left the friendly firmament,
And fell on the brown earth as though God sent!
The soil sizzled with relief, nay excitement,
Life awaited the moment to spring, humbly bent!

Green and brown danced in a holy tune,
Prosperity would join them with glee, jolly soon!
Cooling the earth on a hot summer noon,
What joy bring these to life, an incomparable boon!

A hurried silver drop followed her peer,
As rain drenched the thirsty earth without fear!
The rivers swelled up with pride and cheer,
Once upon a time these resources were not so dear!

Flora and fauna thrived with each other,
As the blue sky was adorned with colorful feather!
The tilted axis offered the right weather,
All until man wanted his needs fulfilled in leather!