Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The myth called women’s liberation - Part II

I was following the story on the women’s bill intently. Then one day I read the news. The bill is now the new law of the land! I jumped up in joy. I wanted to share this news with all my girlfriends.

As expected, the news spread like wild fire and there was a sense of jubilation in the air.
The streets were filled with women congratulating each other and hugging each other in ecstasy! Tears flowed like miniature rivers down the cheeks of women who probably were violated in one way or other. 

All of us were extremely eager to know the changes this would bring about, but for now the enormity of the situation was trying hard to seep through our beings.

A week later people started feeling the first perceptible change. You could see women paying lesser attention to their looks and yet were as confident as before.

One has to say that the sale of cosmetics did take plunge downwards. A detailed study in the regard was launched and environmentalists were interviewed on the 24 hour news channels. 

They, obviously, welcomed the law and argued that the earth was less polluted due to the dip in sale of cosmetics, while the CEOs of the multi-crore cosmetic business argued otherwise.

Men were eager to cook the right kind of food for their houses and were seen chatting with neighbours. After a few months a dip in sale of cigarettes and alcohol caused a huge uproar. As the pressure of corporate performance was significantly lowered, men found it easier to handle their stress without the help of these two products.

Again the environmentalists were pushed into action by the live news channels. They again supported the bill calling it a master move to save the earth from further destruction.
The mobile and telephone usage increased as men were calling up every hour to get instructions from their wives. 

“Imagine”, said a lady to her colleague, “I had to speak to my husband for almost an hour, teaching him how to organise a party that I am planning to host for my boss.”

It was only when this thought crossed my mind that I realised that I was day dreaming and had to get back to organising for the week end party that my husband was hosting for his juniors.

Oh God, wish such a law was really passed. I need not arrange, organise or host these boring parties any more, I mumbled as I changed the cushion cover and placed it back on the sofa neatly!