Monday, 31 August 2015

The left over is never right!

Be it feelings or food, the left over is never right!
We struggle to forget happenings and endlessly fight,
Over what was over in time gone and long past.
Move on and go ahead for the world is wide and vast!

A bit of sourness in the food is enough to spoil it,
And the same sourness however small, causes a dent,
In relationships cherished and savoured over years,
Carry on, losing not the valuable lessons learnt, sans fears!

A bitter taste your tongue feels each time you eat,
A food that is spoilt much the same way you feel the heat,
Each time you try to set right a sour relationship,
As love of the heart is weaker than the word on the lip!

Leftover food tastes as bitter as the left over feelings,
It is wiser not to look back and brood over past dealings!
Live life afresh as every new day is better than the old,
As it comes with promise which is worth its weight in gold!

Each day arrives with a new promise...