Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Manmade beauty!

One day Emperor Akbar was taking a stroll around his royal garden. His best companion, Birbal was only a step behind the Jahanpannah. Akbar turned towards Birbal and asked told him that the beautiful flowers that had bloomed in plenty around his garden made him feel happy.

“Birbal, these flowers make me lose my belief in mankind. No man on earth can make beautiful things as these” observed the King.Birbal thought for a few seconds before replying. “I don’t think so, your Majesty. Man made things are also beautiful. In fact, there are times when man made things look more beautiful than the natural ones” concluded Birbal.

The King was enraged by Birbal’s observations. “Prove it” challenged the King to which Birbal nodded his head.Without another word being spoken, the two parted ways. Birbal did not attend court for a couple of days.A week later, an artist entered King Akbar’s court and presented a beautiful flower to the King. The King was very pleased with the flower as it was a very rare variety. He ordered his ministers to give a gold coin to the man who brought it.

Couple of days later another craftsman reached the court of Emperor Akbar. With him he carried a bouquet of flowers carved out of pure white marble. The emperor was absolutely impressed that he swiftly walked across to the craftsman, who handed over the piece of art to the King.

He slowly walked back to his throne admiring the craftsmanship and the intricacy of the carving. He ordered his ministers to make a platform for the marble bouquet and exhibit it in the courtroom. “Ensure that the platform has a glass covering to protect the artifact” ordered the King.

The Emperor then turned towards one of his ministers and told him to present the craftsman with 1000 gold coins for the beautiful masterpiece.At this moment, Birbal entered the court and presented himself before the King.

“Your Majesty, hope you are satisfied with the proof” he said keeping his voice as neutral as he could.

Akbar’s pride at Birbal’s intelligence knew no bounds!