Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Promotions are earned, not demanded!

For eons the corporate trend that we see and experience today have remained intact. Everyone wants promotions and increments. Whenever someone in the office gets a promotion we tend to think that we deserved it more.

Read this story of Birbal and we will know we are not alone in the race for promotions!

One day the ministers approached Emperor Akbar and told him that they deserved a promotion. The post of the ‘Royal Advisor’ has been vacant for some time and His Majesty should consider one of the senior ministers for the post. Akbar thought over the demand and finally agreed. “But”, said the sharp King, “there is a test and the one who passes it will earn the post” he concluded.

The ministers geared up for the test. The King removed the waist cloth from his waist and laid it on the floor. He told the ministers that the one who succeeds in covering him from head to toe with the cloth will get promoted. So saying, the Jahanpannah went back to his throne.The ministers started one by one. They tried covering the King with the cloth. But the cloth was just short of length and exposed either a part of the head or the toe.

The ministers were disappointed and muttered amongst themselves. One of the ministers openly exclaimed, “At this rate, the post of Royal Advisor will never get filled!”Just then Birbal walked into the courtroom. The other ministers told Birbal that he was a new entrant and could not be considered for the post.The King told the ministers that whichever minister succeeded in the test would get the promotion and that Birbal could try his luck.

The rules were then told to Birbal. Birbal measured the cloth and realised that the length would be insufficient. He then asked the ministers if the King had laid any other rule in the regard. “Nothing more, Birbal, you just have to cover me from head to toe”, said Akbar in a casual tone.Birbal walked up to where the King was seated and asked the King to raise his knees a bit. The King did as Birbal told him to do. Birbal then covered the King from head to toe with the waist cloth.

The Royal Advisor to the King then told the court that when it comes to protecting someone, we must seek their participation too!