Thursday, 1 August 2013

How to become rich in one day

One day a couple entered the court of King Adiveera. The King was in a heated discussion with his ministers and was in no mood to meet the couple.

As he stood up to tell the couple to meet him the following day, his young companion, Vidur walked into the court. On seeing Vidur, the King’s mood suddenly changed and the hitherto grim lips gave way to a visible smile, gently.

The King called the couple inside and asked them what the matter was. The couple once lived a very comfortable life and due to a heavy business loss had to make do with the basic minimum in life. They had nowhere to go and hence came to the King to find a solution to their problem. The King wondered what he could do under the circumstances. 

Nevertheless, he had to continue the very important discussion that he had with his ministers and told the couple to come back the day. The King promised them that he would find a solution to their problem positively. Satisfied, the couple went away.

After his long strategy meeting with the ministers, the King retired to bed, the issue of the couple completely overwritten by the important discussion that he had with the ministers.

The next morning, when Adiveera entered the court he saw the couple, seated in the front. Only after seeing them the King remembered their issue. He was in no mood to sort out their issue, but knew that it was his duty to resolve it. The King wanted to tell them that they were doing fine in life and only had to be patient and work hard.

Just then Vidur walked in and bowed in front of the King. Adiveera turned towards the couple and told them that he was quite tired from the previous day’s work. But Vidur, being a wise lad had a ready-made plan and that they should listen to his plan.

Vidur understood the King’s position and responded to the King’s call in his usual manner.

Vidur turned towards the couple and told them that he had an idea that would make them rich overnight. But to know the plan they had to answer a few questions that he had for them. 

The couple agreed.

“How many of you live in your house?” asked Vidur earnestly. The man told Vidur that he lived in the house with his wife and son. 

“Who all visit your house daily?” was Vidur’s second question. “Apart from the maid whom assists me with the cleaning and cooking and the dhobi we have no regular visitors” said the wife taking over from her husband. 

“So, you have to cook for three people daily, I gather”, said Vidur, trying to understand their situation better.

“No, four. I give the old rice and whatever remains to the maid. So that makes it four”, said the lady in a rather stern voice.

“Very well”, said Vidur. “Tomorrow cook a little extra. Throw away the old rice and give the maid freshly cooked food” said Vidur in a matter-of-fact tone.

“How will that help our cause?” asked the man who looked rather confused.

Vidur continued, “By doing this, you will become rich overnight. Your household will be the first one in which even the maid will eat fresh food.”

The couple stood up and unison bowed in front of Vidur. In just a few minutes Vidur had made them realise that the real richness lies in contentment. They thanked the him for opening their eyes to the fallacy in their thinking.