Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Birbal’s parenting instincts

One day the Emperor Akbar called his courtiers and asked them a question. Akbar wanted to know what punishment should be given to the one who pulled his moustache.

For a king his moustache is his pride. He would not like any one to mess with it. But here was a situation where a culprit has gone beyond his limits and pulled the Jahanpannah’s moustache!

The ministers were speechless. They all decided in unison that the person deserved the maximum punishment. The ministers were competing to out-prove their loyalty towards the king. What better chance to impress the king!

One of the ministers told the king that the hands of the culprit be cut. The other one suggested a life sentence. One more, adjusting his spectacle, told the king that such behaviour should be nipped in the bud.

The King patiently listened to all the ministers, before Birbal rose to present his view. He told the king that the culprit who pulled His Majesty’s moustache be presented a gold ring!

An audible gasp rose from the courtiers and one by one they began reprimanding Birbal.

The King finally rose and asked Birbal the reason for his view. Birbal continued with a grin on his face, “Shah Alam, who else but your grandson would, dare touch your Majesty’s moustache?” he ended almost exploding into laughter. To the relief of all around, the courtiers and the Emperor joined in the laughter party.