Thursday, 15 August 2013

Little for more and more for little!

Akbar and Birbal had grown fond of each other’s skills and enjoyed pulling each other. Their friendship bloomed even as they grew older gracefully through the years. One day Birbal’s five year old daughter visited the court of Emperor Akbar. The King was curious to find out the little girl’s talent at wit.

He welcomed the youngest citizen court and ensured that the child felt comfortable. He then turned to her and asked her if she knew the Persian language.

The very next instant Emperor Akbar got his answer to both the question that he asked and the one that he hadn’t!

“Huzoor, I know a little less for more and a little more for the less” said the father’s daughter.

Akbar was completely stumped by the answer and looked at Birbal. Birbal smiled gently at the King before he explained his daughter’s answer.“Jahanpannah, she says that when compared to a person who knows more of the language she knows little. But when you compare her with a person who knows very little of the language she knows more.”

The King only turned towards Birbal and told him that his replacement is already in the making!