Thursday, 22 August 2013

Seek truth with courage!

Many of us want to know the truth about things that are going on around us. But we will only see the truth that is already present around us, when we have the required humility to seek the truth and the courage to encounter it.

Narad Muni wanted to know the truth about Sadhu Dharshan and what it does to our lives.He went to the abode of Bhagvan Shri Vishnu and asked the Lord, “What, Oh great one, are the advantages of seeking a sadhu’s (holy men) blessings? I feel there is no truth in what I hear about taking blessings from Sadhus and Munis (Men who are at the service of God).

Lord Vishnu told Narada that the answer to this question is with an ant that lived by the banks of the river Sarayu.Narad Muni headed straight in the direction of truth. When he reached the river bank an ant slowly crawled up to the Muni’s feet and died instantly. Narad was absolutely petrified. He took the ant with him to Mahavishnu and demanded an explanation for the happening.

The Lord smiled gently at a troubled Narada and told him that the answer to the whole episode is with the great swan that lives in the Kailas Mountain. Devarishi Narad rushed to Kailas. In the serene backdrop of the holy mountain he saw the great swan or the raj Hans, gliding the waters of the river Mansarovar.

The rishi sat patiently and the Swan, on seeing the Rishi set sail towards him. The Rishi was immersed in meditation and was suddenly woken up by the swan’s beak touching his arms gently. The rishi raised his hands blessing the swan.The raj Hans eased itself on the Rishi’s feet and fell dead. Narad Muni was startled and with a great effort contained his distress as he picked up the limp and lifeless rah Hans. He stormed towards Mahavishnu. As he entered the abode of the Lord, he spoke nothing.

Narad simply placed the dead bird at the Lord’s feet and looked towards Him with controlled indignation.

Mahavishnu’s charm failed to make any impact on the Rishi who stood silently demanding to know the truth. Mahavishnu addressed the Rishi gently, “Rishivar! Please visit the earth once more. There is a child that was born three days ago. This child will tell you the truth that you came in search of!”Narad was aghast. “Oh,God, I have sinned enough. I reached out to an ant in search of truth and look what I have done” said an inconsolable Rishi.

God told the rishi that every sin is His and the rishi was humility personified when he wanted to know the truth. Truth has now come his way and he has to summon up enough courage to face it. The Rishi went to the house that the God had asked him to go to. He saw the innocent face of the three day old baby and dreaded to go anywhere near the baby. He stood there not knowing what to do and surrendered himself in front of the child crying helplessly at the thought of what might happen next. 

Just then he heard a voice that sounded divinely. “Oh, Maharishi, I was the ant that fell dead at your feet. Since I died at the feet of a Mahamuni, I was born again as Raj Hans.
When you raised your hand and blessed me I renounced the Raj Hans form, only to be re born as a human child. Bless me, Oh, devarishi, so that I may be relieved of re-birth and be with the Lord forever!”

Narad Muni simply vanished as he knew the truth. With courage he accepted the truth and found the answer to his question. Goddess Lakshmi asked Mahavishnu why Narada did not return to see the Lord. The Lord replied thus: “His humility brought him to me seeking the truth. His courage has made him accept the truth. He now possesses the knowledge that will make him the ‘Triloka Sanchaari’- a person who has visited the three lokas (Swargaloka, Mrithuloka and the Paathaloka) to find out about the welfare of the people.”