Monday, 5 August 2013

As the circle grows bigger...

One day King Adiveera was walking around his kingdom in the guise of an old man. He stopped at one point where he saw a few kids playing. Tired and thirsty, he sat on the ‘thinnai’ which is like a porch that used to be a part of the olden day houses and huts. The purpose of this ‘thinnai’ was to provide seating facility to tired travellers.

The king decided to watch the children at play. Initially three children were playing, hands held together, going around in a circle.

After sometime, a fourth child came along and one of the three children broke the circle and stepped back a little to accommodate the new entrant.

In a while a fifth child was drawn towards the other four. This time the circle grew a little bigger. The fun and frolic that the five kids were having was enough to invite a six kid. Then a seventh followed. 

The circle kept growing and so did the fun. After about an hour it was time for the kids to go home. Having amply rested his aching feet, the King got up and walked homeward.

The next day, he narrated the incident to his ministers. They all listened attentively and one of them told the King that such scenes were abundant. He has witnessed kids playing in this manner very often.

The King asked them if there was a lesson waiting to be unwrapped and showcased to the world.The ministers thought for a while, before Vidur, the young lad working at the King’s court, spoke.

“Maharajah, the children were not aware of their actions. They did what they had to do. Include the new comers, widen the circle and continue the game. As the circle grows each person in the circle becomes stronger.” said Vidur to the King. 

He continued uninterrupted. “As children we know that when we are more in number every game gets merrier, if only we are willing to let go of the grip with the known people, just a bit. Unfortunately as we grow we forget this and tighten the grip with known people when we see new comers” concluded the wise man.