Monday, 26 August 2013

Bhima’s encounter with Hanuman

When the Pandavas were on exile, one day, a beautiful lotus with a thousand petals flew in the air and landed near Draupadi. On seeing the flower, Draupadi asked Bhima to get more of the flowers.

Bhima went in search of the lotus and as he wandered into the forest, he came by a lake. As he glanced down towards the lake that was filled with many of the beautiful flower, he almost stumbled upon a monkey that lay in his path. Bhima was irritated and asked the monkey to move out of his way.

The monkey gave a helpless glance towards Bhima and told him that he was too old and weak and did not have the strength to move.

By now Bhima was furious. He yelled at the monkey to take his tail from his path. “You foolish creature, do you know who I am?” Bhima shouted at the monkey. The monkey did not budge. He requested Bhima to remove the tail away and proceed towards his destination.

Bhima could not even move the tail leave alone lifting it!

Bhima finally decided to remove the monkey’s tail and bent down casually and tried lifting the monkey’s tail. The tail, though, had by then decided to give Bhima a tough time. It would not move an inch. Slowly Bhima lowered his mace and placed it on the floor. He then used both his hands to move the tail. The tail was glued to the ground!

Bhima then decided to give it all his strength and effort. The tail would not relent, but Bhima did!

He asked the monkey in the most humble tone, “Oh great one, who are you and why are you testing me?” Hanuman took to his original form and showed his brother who he was.Bhima fell at the feet of his brother and asked for forgiveness. Hanuman explained to Bhima that pride was overtaking his valour and Hanuman wanted Bhima to realise his folly before it got the better of him.

Wisdom prevailed over Bhima and he realised that he had to conquer his pride. He bowed before the mighty son of Vayu and thanked him for his timely reminder.