Monday, 10 February 2014

The white peacock

Once there lived a white peacock named Gormor in a forest. He was constantly heckled by his colourful siblings.

He used to graze under a big banyan tree..

Eventually Gormor became lonely and spent most of the time alone. He used to graze under a big banyan tree. Whenever he got bored he used to talk to other animals.Soon his colourful siblings spread a word about his lack of colour. They attributed it to some sin that Gormor had done in the past. Slowly, the other animals also started making fun of him.

Gormor was heckled by his colourful siblings...

Gormor, in due course, started feeling alienated and depressed. He wanted to talk to someone, but nobody wanted to be seen with him.

One day a hunter was passing by the forest. He saw the lonely peacock and went near it. To his surprise the peacock did not move away. He went further close to it and realised that the animal was sad and lonely.

The hunter was curious and wanted to help the poor animal. When Gormor explained the reason, the hunter sat next to it. He thought for a while. After a while he gathered some leaves, flowers and fruits and tied them up in a bundle. He adorned the bundle with an arrow from his quiver. 

He made a neat looking bouquet, before calling all the animals of the forest.The animals gathered under the banyan tree, unsure of the purpose of the meeting.

When all the animals had gathered, the hunter began his speech.

“Today I am here to deliver a very special message, he said to the attentive crowd before him.

“God appeared before me yesterday and ordered me to hand over a very special award to one among you. Before revealing the name of the winner, let me explain the award to all of you” he said, rising the expectations of his audience.

“When God creates a life, God cries. The tear drop that falls from his eyes, then splits the white rays of the sun into many beautiful hues that adorn the plumage of the animal that he creates" said the hunter almost choking with emotion.

"But there are a few souls that cannot bear to see God crying. Such animals are born white.”

As soon as the hunter completed this statement, the animals knew what the award was for and who the winner was! 

The hunter's words echoed through the forest as he continued. 

 “God especially told me to tell all of you this. Gormor had told God, that he did not want to look beautiful by making God sad!”

The hunter then presented a bouquet that he had earlier made, to a thunderous applause from an august gathering!

White peacocks  have a genetic mutation that is known as Leucism...