Thursday, 27 February 2014

Live to change, change to live

Perched on a chain that binds me not
I look around for company to keep me happy and alive.
When I look at the world that lay ahead, vast and wide
I realise that I am a mere dot!

Should I move on to a new place
Where the likes of me love to flock and make merry?
Or should I live on with memories that bind me here?
It is a tough question, which I must face.

Looking forward I can hear the world’s call.
But an invisible chain binds me to my own thoughts.
And I know that it is not the outer chain that enslaves me,
But the inner one, that must fall.

For my wings to catch the higher air,
I have to look ahead at the path that beckons me.
I know that my past is only a reflection and not reality.
Future, here I come without a care…

My past is a mere reflection...
Author's note:

Have you ever felt that being tied to a place is stagnating you? When such thoughts enter the realms of your mind, it is time for a change. As they say, change is the only constant thing in the world.

The great poet Subramanya Bharathi, in one of his poems wrote, and I translate:

That which does not change, does not grow
And to this universal rule there is no exception…

Every growth is a product of change. A change brings in a new perspective. Sometimes it helps you by reiterating your thoughts, giving it a boost. The confidence thus derived goes a long way in building your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Be ready to fly to different vistas, in this one beautiful life that you have. Conquer the visible boundaries by taking the first step of conquering the limits set by your own mind!