Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The most attractive child...

Birbal was a sharp witted minister in Emperor Akbar’s court. But what made Birbal special was the wise manner in which he executed his wit.

Both his wit and his wisdom brought peace and happiness to people around him. Many a time Birbal’s approach to situations calmed the emperor down and saved him from taking wrong decisions.

One day the Emperor returned from a hunting expedition. He was unusually silent and when Birbal presented himself before Akbar, Akbar asked Birbal how a mother’s mind worked.

Birbal was surprised by the sudden manner in which Akbar asked the question. Birbal went close to Akbar and asked him what the matter was.

“Jahanpannah, did you see something this morning that is prompting you to ask this question”, asked Birbal?

“I saw a woman hugging and kissing a child that was ugly and unattractive” explained Akbar. Birbal left the room without another word. He called one of the ministers and told him that the Jahanpannah wanted to see the most beautiful child.

Birbal explained further, “It should be so beautiful that you want to hug and kiss it and hold it close to you all the time. Please tell this to all the ministers and ask them to start searching for such a child.”

He then told Akbar to wait till the next morning for an answer.

The next day in court the ministers were present. Most of them were holding a child in their arms. Akbar was surprised. He wanted Birbal to explain.

“Jahanpannah, I told the ministers to find the most attractive child that they would want to hug and kiss”, said Birbal.One of the ministers stepped forward and told the King that he went all around the kingdom searching for such a child, but could find none.

“I went home rather tired and when I explained the situation to my wife, she placed my child on my lap. I instantly picked him up and hugged him. I felt nice and he started kissing me and I too started kissing him. My wife told me that my child was the solution to the problem.” So saying the minister hugged his child and his child placed a gentle kiss on his father’s cheek!

“Even for the crow her child is golden” whispered Birbal gently in the Emperor’s ears!  

Image Courtesy:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/House_Crow