Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Stop acting powerful!

If you pride in yourself for caging me thus
Why don't you meet me where I belong?
I will show you what courage is all about
Without much of a fuss!

I know I am the tallest around here
But I also know that I am not the greatest
The greenery around gave me the growth
My head bows, not out of fear...

I don't need you to feed me each day
This is my home more than it is yours
It is you who get lost in the jungle- hopelessly lost
Just set me free, I know my way!

Author's note:

What if the animals in the forests began speaking the human language? They will want to talk as much as the human beings talk. Words will fill the air and we may have to meet the questions they ask logically.

The animals will then begin to challenge every single reasoning of ours. Are we prepared to face their questions? Do we have a logical explanation to defend our actions?

Maybe, we have to duck a few questions, oppose a few of their animal notions and prejudices and admit to our folly in some cases. Whatever we wish to present as a reply, will provide for an interesting read.

An appeal to all of you to present your case. Remember you have to speak on behalf of humanity as a whole, since humanity is the defendant in this case!