Saturday, 22 February 2014

Tenali Raman's reward

Tenali Raman had a unique way of warning King Krishnadevaraya. Raman was uncomfortable, as the guards in the King’s palace were becoming corrupt. The king was unaware of what was happening behind his back. Raman knew that it was up to him to expose them to the King.

But he also knew that they had earned a good name and it would be difficult to convince the King.

Raman decided to wait for the right opportunity and luckily for him the opportunity presented itself very soon.

One day the King and the Queen were watching a dance drama by a special troupe and the King did not want to be disturbed. He told his guards not to let anyone inside.

Raman arrived at the court late and did not know what was going on. He decided to meet the king and approached the first guard. He told the guard that the King had promised him a reward. If the guard allowed him entry, Raman promised to share 50% of what he got.

When greed enters you, it turns your world upside down. Tenali seemed to be standing upside down to the guard as he let Tenali in.

Near the entrance of the hall, there was a second guard, who, very soon saw Tenali standing upside down! Another 50% from Raman’s rewards was allocated to guard number 2, towards gaining entry into the hall.

Raman walked into the hall and before anybody realised what was happening, Raman took a stick and hit the dancers.

Krishnadevaraya was furious. He ordered 100 whip lashes as punishment, since Raman refused to explain why he hit the dancers.

Just as the attendant was about to hand out the punishment to Raman, Raman whispered something in his ears and he stopped.  Tenali Raman turned towards the King and explained that he had two friends waiting for him outside. They would most willingly share the whip lashes that Tenali was about to receive.

The King was surprised. He ordered the attendant to bring the two fools.

Without realising what gift Tenali was about to receive, they told the King that they were ready to accept 50% of whatever Tenali was offered.

For a long time thereafter their world remained upright! King Krishnadevaraya thanked Tenali for exposing the corrupt guards.