Monday, 24 February 2014

The two yellow flowers

The balcony of that house looked beautiful. That day the plant had two yellow flowers, brightening up the whole area. The living room radiated the color of the flowers.
The living room looked lively and colourful...

As the sun’s rays fell on the two flowers, one could see the wrinkles on one of the flowers. It was two days old. The other flower fresh out of its bud laughed merrily, that symbolised youth.

As the gaze of the young flower fell on the older companion, the smile on her face turned into an expression of disgust.

“Oh, look at you, you are all shriveled up”, she said, without realising the hurt she was causing to the older one.

The older flower was silent. She knew that only time can answer certain questions. The younger flower was insistent. She wanted an answer.

The older flower cleared her throat before she answered the youthful spite of the new bloom.

“Why are you frowning at me? Wrinkles look good only on an old flower, not on a newbie like you”, she said.

Instantly the young flower corrected her expression.

“As we age we acquire knowledge and wisdom. These express themselves as wrinkles. When we are young we think we are above the natural process of aging. But as we grow, we know that nature will establish its balance for the benefit of all” she explained in a quivering voice.

The young one became thoughtful. She did not understand what she heard, but decided to leave he older flower to herself and continue in the business of being a beautiful flower that she was.

As the sun grew older by a day, the young flower woke up fresh and strong. The mirror on the balcony wall reflected her elegance, doubling the beauty that she lent to the space that she lived in!

The mirror on the balcony reflected her elegance...

Through the hesitant corner of her eye, she looked at the older flower. The flower had almost dried up and her beautiful petals were closing on her body. The beauty that shone brightly had become history.

Though the younger flower empathized with her, she did not utter a word, until the next day.

She woke up as usual and glanced at the mirror, only to see wrinkles on her body!
She was shocked. She turned towards her old companion.

“I am all wrinkled up. What do I do now”, she sobbed?

“Just remember my words. This is nature and in your place a beautiful flower will bloom and from wherever you are you can see her and smile. We all give way to younger things, so that the world may be as vibrant as it always was”, said the older flower before withering away. She fell into the mud that had given her life, albeit for a few days, grateful and contended.

The next day saw a new flower blooming besides the older companion. As her gaze turned towards her older companion a sense of disgust brought wrinkles on her beautiful and vibrant petals.

“No, those wrinkles look good on me, not on you”, the older flower heard herself say!

"Those wrinkles look good on me, not you"