Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Tree

From a tiny seed to a tender plant,
The journey of this tree on earth thus began.
Days became months and as years went past,
She took shape and form, and rooted herself to the spot!

She took what she needed from around her
And grew big and strong, day after happy day.
Until someone thought that she was too happy to be true
And dug a deep hole in her trunk to see what she could do.

The tree was in pain, real pain.
She could not talk, she could not cry.
What could a poor tree do when she could not even move?
But she began healing herself, though she had nothing to prove.

She healed her wounds slowly, but steadily.
Grew fresh leaves to feed the lives that looked up to her.
She had to get over her hurt and find a way to move ahead.
“Just give me some time and I will be alright and well,” she said.

People would keep poking to see if she was alive;
She knew that she had to ignore them and live her life.
Because she had her duties that no one else could fulfill.
And the hole, by now had healed, through the power of her will!

And she began performing her tasks as usual;
Preparing herself to take on more responsibilities,
Growing fresh branches and roots, and some more leaves and stems,
For she housed the birds in her hole and they were her new-found gems!

She healed her wounds slowly, but steadily...

Author's note:

This poem explicitly refers to a tree but metaphorically, it can be applied to ever life form existing in this vast and wide universe. Struggle is intrinsic to every form of life and complexity its very nature!

Therefore trying to simplify this complexity is no mean business. In this poem the tree simplified its complexity by housing more birds in the hole that was punched through her. She tried to simplify the complexity that was forced upon her. 

Simple living therefore is the most complex state to be in, but the most stable one at that! Again, assuming that it is permanent is a fallacy. Every time the simple, stable state is destroyed due to a complexity, by its very nature, life struggles to get back to a simple and therefore a stable state. 

When we realise the reason why struggle happens in nature, we are no longer bitter about the struggle that we go through! And if we understand that life itself is not complex, but a constant complex struggle to attain a simple and stable state, our struggles will be more focused and enjoyable!