Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Words of a kind!

Our words, a broken heart must mend.
Utter not the words that to break will bend!
For, kind words have the power to heal,
And its speaker, the strength to feel!

Soft and tough go together, hand in hand,
While rude words will destroy the beauty of a land.
Give a chance to others so they may explain,
As abusive words will fetch no gain!

While a sharp blade can cut through to win,
It is the softness of cotton that unites the skin!
Be gentle and mild in your words and actions
And you can bring together divided factions!

Our outer skin may have varied tones – yet,
It is the soft skin that protects all our hard bones!
We must learn the art of covering bitter facts,
Well within the bounds of friendly acts!


Anupam Patra said...

Beautiful Words of a kind. Ahh I loved the cotton analogy.Very very well written Aparna