Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Healthy Competition

On another planet many light years away,
There was a kingdom, perhaps a ‘queendom’, may I say!
It was ruled by a queen who was wise and powerful!
And her queendom, was both healthy and beautiful…

The rules that governed her world were queer,
And yet people lived there happily and without fear!
People had health cards when they joined school,
And having good health was considered cool!

Subjects were taught and they played games,
Even the exams tested their memory for rulers’ names!
But the report sent, had their fitness scores,
And how well they finished their assigned chores!

Mothers were seen helping kids cook and clean,
Children were sent to classes to improve their skin’s sheen!
Diabetes or hypertension would diminish their chances,
Of getting their well- deserved career advances!

Healthy people enjoyed a hefty bonus,
While the sickly ones always kicked up a huge fuss!
Farmers ‘n’ workers got double the normal wages,
Only when their reports contained pink pages!

Mothers giving birth to healthy babies,
Earned lifetime pensions to pursue their hobbies!
Older people with excellent report cards,
Were given ‘Lifetime achievement’ awards!

And did I tell you about the trophies and medals,
That were won by people who, to office, pedaled?
The Queen was proud of her healthy subjects,
While the neighbors had nothing to object!
Life in her queendom was evenly paced,
And even competition left them healthy, not dazed!
Work was done by all for society’s sake,
As efforts were genuine, and none a rake!

Author's note: 

If the primary objective of money is to buy us happiness and comfort, then the primary objective of education is to buy us a job that can help us find money! 
Once we achieve this, we start thinking about the primary objective of life. 

We understand that after completing the race and making the money that we always wanted and getting to the comfort zone that we once thought would make us happy, our happiness actually lies in having good health and peace of mind!

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