Friday, 4 July 2014

The Dynamic Destiny

Vivek and Aryan set out on their two wheeled wonder! 

For five years now the machine had been a trustworthy companion to both of them. They had decided to hit the roads that would take them to a stress-free destination.

The twosome 'vroomed' past the green trees...

Their chalked path from Bangalore to Waynad was a scenic one and both of them were looking forward to this much needed break.
As their ‘vrooming’ friend took to the road and glided as smoothly as a hot knife on butter, Vivek and Aryan began relaxing. The green trees around seemed to be in an equal hurry, though in the opposite direction!

“The work schedule takes a toll on our health, don’t you think so?” asked Aryan leaning closer to Vivek.

“I have decided not to think about office for the next two days,” Vivek seemed to have taken his idea of a break too seriously!

The twosome hit the long and tree lined highway. Suddenly their motorbike came to a grudging halt.

The friends got off the machine and began inspecting it.

“What happened?” Aryan asked.

“Maybe the bike wanted a break too,” quipped Vivek.

“Vivek, I think we both forgot about the existence of a petrol tank in two wheelers,” Aryan commented.

The friends looked at each other helplessly.

“Let us park by the side and wait for some passing vehicle. There are a lot of generous tourists these days. In the meantime, I don’t mind a story,” Aryan cheered his sullen-looking friend. They sat with their backs resting against the green mountains behind!

The green mountains behind De-stressed the friends...
Vivek needed no invitation to break into a story.

“Aryan, I have been thinking about the fate of destiny,” began his wise friend.
“The fate of destiny?” Aryan was getting confused.

“After scripting the one millionth version of a person’s destiny, God looked towards his juniors and asked them this question. He wanted to know what his juniors thought about the fate of destiny. They too were confused like you just were,” laughed Vivek.

“One of his juniors attempted an answer to God’s question. “God, destiny is what happened in the past. The fate of destiny, therefore cannot be changed,” he said.

“God, destiny is what happened the way it happened. It happens for a reason. Therefore the fate of destiny is nothing but the reason,” a second junior clarified.

God was beginning to enjoy the discussion. After many brain-storming iterations, God pointed to two people who were stranded on a highway. He told his juniors that the fate of destiny is linked to the action of every life on earth.
“We only keep these links refreshed! Our duty is to keep checking every action that happens and correct the already placed links to accommodate the change,” God tried explaining.

“God, why did you point to the two young people, stranded on the highway? Is there some connection?” asked one of God’s juniors.

“Had one of them remembered to fill the petrol tank, the destiny of the third person on a motorbike would have been different,” God explained.

“Destiny, therefore is dynamic,” chuckled God!”

As Vivek concluded, another motorbike tourist pulled his machine to the side to help his co-travelers.

As the third biker helped the duo with their much needed bike food, he was curious to know about the two.

As the threesome reached the nearest petrol pump, they had exchanged quite a bit of information about each other.

“When you reach Bangalore on Monday, please feel free to visit our office. Given your credentials, it may not be difficult for you to get a job in our organisation,” Vivek shook hands with the stranger who stopped by to help them.

After they parted ways, Vivek and Aryan, resumed their journey, towards their dynamic destiny!


Vivek R said...

my name!

Aparna K S said...

The series began with the two names Vivek and Aryan and I will have to go with those two names. Great people are called Vivek...