Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What is your rank?

Men and Women came into the earth,
Sometime later they called it ‘the birth’!
Who came first, who came next, nobody knew,
Even though they were only a few!

Then they made the fire and wheel,
And started cooking themselves a meal!
What ranked first, what ranked second, nobody knew,
And hence they had nothing to rue!

Eons passed and schools were born,
And people had uniforms too, to don!
Who reached first, who reached second, everyone knew,
And when they left they bid adieu!

Many many more years rolled past,
Meanwhile civilisation grew very fast!
Who ranked first, who ranked second, they wanted to know,
Slowly, this led to unwanted row!

As time could stop for no man,
Progress gathered speed as it ran!
All ranked first, all ranked second, nobody liked third!
People followed people like a herd!

Every growing year had a reason,
And ranking happened every season!
X came first and Y came second, in a race called Z!
As competitions began with a fee!

Life seemed like vacuum without race,
As life had entered a frenzy pace!
Kids had to be first, though they did not know in what!
What a bitter battle they fought!

Schools grew in number, offices too,
Everyone was smart, dressed to shoe!
The race was now between the schools and not kids!
As franchisees were chosen based on bids!

The franchisees began to grow with time,
Schools were run for reason, not rhyme!
The ranking pattern surged ahead, forming new shapes
The basis had changed to number of rapes!