Friday, 11 July 2014

Can I be the change?

“There is no water, there are no roads.
Look at the pot holes and the fallen boards!
Progress never visits our part of the town.
All is well elsewhere, here every service is down!

The administration is far from efficient.
Complacence is a plague, as big as a giant!
I wish the leaders could set things in order,
And ensure that the roads are better and broader!

I wish I were elsewhere, where all is right.
Where peace prevails and there exists no fight!
Nowhere on earth are things this bad,”
I finished finally in front of my patient dad!

He put his paper down on the table,
And began in a tone that was firm and stable!
“Spare a moment to set all things right,
Begin with those that are near and within sight!”

I stood there, rooted to the spot!
But what he said remained in my thought!
As I realised that if I cannot partake,
Then my concerns are not real, but fake!

It pains me only when it hits me.
Then I cry so that someone else may see,
And change all things to suit my needs
So that I may enjoy the fruit of their sweat-beads! 

I realise, if things do need to change,
And if the change is well within my range,
Then it becomes my duty to do it,
And make the change the way I deem it fit!

I began afresh by changing my views,
I went to the counter to clear all my dues!
Suddenly, my step had an extra bounce!
As I grew confident and grumbled not an ounce!