Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Your Life is your Business…

There was a man who lived in yonder town,
He would crib if his bread was white.
You are wrong if you thought he wanted it brown.
As he did not like the brown bread’s sight!

This man from yonder town was very funny.
He would crib if it rained.
Wrong again if you thought he liked the day to be sunny.
His love for the sun was nothing but feigned!

The yonder town man went to a sage one day.
And told him that he had a problem.
He did not like anything that was not done his way.
And had a constant fight with boredom!

The sage listened before he told the yonder town man,
To take charge of things that he did not like.
“Change whatever you don’t like, the way you can.”
The sage said, much to the man’s dislike!

The yonder town man was just about to leave the place,
When the sage called out to him.
“Son, your life is your business, find your own ways.
Don’t allow it to fade or become dim!”

Like the sun that goes about its duty, we must learn to so our business diligently...

The man went back to the town from where he came.
But the sage’s words had made an impact.
And he started finding the reasons for his dislikes, lame.
Very soon he maneuvered through life with tact!

The man from yonder town decided to make his life count.
When something broken met his sight,
He would go home, pick his tools ‘n’ on his horse would mount.
“Here I go, I am going to set things right!”

The man from yonder town proclaimed to all with pride.
And he mended all things that were broken.
In sometime he was happily chatting with his to-be bride.
A new ring shone on his finger as his love’s token!

Author’s note:

The story of the man from yonder town, is the story of many of us who are afraid of taking charge of our lives. We struggle with life’s moments, because we do not know where to begin. The overwhelming nature of life is intrinsic to life itself, and not to us in isolation. When we understand this we realise that life can be lived only in one manner, by taking it head-on!

Often it is the fear of failure that keeps us away from trying. If we can overcome this one fear, and take the first step in some direction, our journey called life begins. As we proceed, we will learn the nuances of living it.

Every mistake that we commit, signals the arrival of a new phase. Whether we learn the lessons that the mistake taught and move forward towards the new beginning or brood over the mistake, is the choice that life offers.

If we begin to brood over our mistakes, we may get into a negative mind set, until everything around us seem negative. Very soon we may reach a state of hopelessness and dwell in it, until we get addicted to it.

Then suddenly all our problems may seem to be somebody else’s mistake. Many of us go ahead following a wrong trail, until we start viewing every action of others from a negative perspective.

What the sage told the man from yonder town is applicable to all of us, most of the time.

Our life is our business!