Saturday, 5 April 2014

The beauty of Interdependence...

The beautiful morning sun,
Rose above the horizon,
Bringing hope with every ray,
Thus signalling the beginning of day.

The plants began their daily chores,
By absorbing the light into their pores.
They busily went about their duty
Making flowers, to add to the beauty.

As the day progressed into noon,
The sun’s heat was no longer a boon.
The leaves of the plants drooped in pain,
And the plants complained in vain.

The sun's heat was no longer a boon...

The helpless sun was rooted to the spot,
And tried his best to stem the rot.
‘What will help the cause, I know not,
For in my own power I am caught!’

The sun grew helpless, more and more
As heat scorching him from his core!
He finally, went to the huge big tree
That was willing to help him with glee!

Just hide yourself behind my leaves...

“Just hide yourself behind my leaves
They will lessen the heat, acting as tiny sieves”
The kind tree told the harassed sun
The sun did just that and the job was done!

“Thank you, kind tree, I am indebted to you”
As the sun looked around, he saw the wonderful hue
His rays were playing joyfully with the leafy tree
And the sun looked relaxed and stress-free!

“I am only returning your favour, noble sun,
It’s your morning rays that made those leaves”, said the green one.
The sheer interdependence makes it a beautiful living
We never know when we are taking and when we are giving!

Author's note:

As life proceeds at break-neck speed, we seldom pause to enjoy the interdependence that is intrinsic to process called living. Either we are caught up in an egoistic state in which giving credit to others becomes difficult, or we are held up by our self-pride that we are willing to suffer in silence rather than ask for help!

Life is a wonderful journey. We take some, we give some and nature has its unique way of taking as much from us as it gives to us. Either we are aware of this or we are not!