Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mystery of the missing lake

There was once a beautiful lake,
That carried sweet water for humanity’s sake!
But before long she was filled with waste,
And had to eat it though she didn't like the taste!

There was once a beautiful lake...

Slowly, very slowly her beauty was lost.
Her sweet waters were sold to humanity for a cost!
Chemical waste changed the taste of her water,
And tower after concrete tower made her banks hotter!

In a while the water was tasting of salt,
The authorities were worried and wanted this to halt!
They served notices to those who had violated,
And had to wait for the guilty to respond unabated!

Currency is named thus, for it can flow,
And reach levels that are unheard of and very low!
In a while the water level in the lake rose.
A danger that comes with water being so close!

“Will that not affect our beautiful homes?”
People had spent a fortune to create the curvy domes!
And the lake was nothing more than a dirty pond,
“Reclaim the land”, said a guy waving his magic wand!

Then, lo and behold, the lake vanished!
Paper proved its might and water was banished!
Humanity had filled the lake with money,
As, to them, it tasted even better than honey!

Author's note:

Every day I read about the same issues, but in different forms and different locations. We, knowingly destroy the abundance of nature, for our lavish greed. Then, we wash our dirty linen in public, because we have no more water bodies to take them to!

The authorities blame the greedy builders, the builders blame the greasy palms of the politicians, the politicians blame the corrupt corporates, the corporates blame the inflationary nature of prices, the prices keep increasing silently as they are left with no more people to blame!


Juan Ternero said...

Fantastic poem. Besides, it is totally true. I definately agree with you, humans are destroying nature. Regards.

Aparna K.S. said...

Juan Ternero

Thanks. I hope we wake up in unison or perish thus!