Friday, 25 April 2014

Dhurv’s Dilemma

Last week I had posted Shika’s story.

Majority of the readers opined that for the sake of her children she should continue living with her husband.

Taking this view I have completed the story thus:

Shika was very angry with her husband and decided to leave him. She took her children and visited her mother. Before taking any decision she wanted to talk to her mother. Her mother told Shika to be patient.

“When a vehicle drives through a puddle of water, the water gets split, but only temporarily. After the vehicle passes the water re-joins and becomes a puddle again. Similarly when a third person intervenes there will be a temporary split between husband and wife. The person who intervened will not stay there forever. After he/she moves away, both of you will get back into your family life”. Shika thanked her mother for her timely advice.

This week…

Dhurv’s Dilemma…

Dhurv was a good student in his class. He had pleasing mannerisms and was touted to go a long way in life. His mother was a house wife and his father earned a decent sum to keep the family going.

Dhurv had just completed his graduation in Engineering, when his father suddenly expired. His mother took over the family with an iron heart and started cooking in a few households. She insisted that her son chase his dreams and study further. Dhurv was hesitant, but decided to qualify himself more within a couple of years and take up a good job.

On completing his post-graduation in Business Management, Dhurv received an offer from a University abroad to take up his post-doctoral studies. The University offered to bear all his expenses.

Dhurv went to his University library with the offer envelope and sat on a chair, contemplating on what decision to take.

His dean happened to be in the library at the same time. The worry lines on Dhurv’s forehead were deep and his dean pulled a chair beside him. His dean had never seen Dhurv so worried.

“What’s the matter Dhurv?” he asked his favourite student.

Dhurv explained his situation to his dean.

“I was initially planning to take up a job. My mother has worked hard and she deserves a break. If I decide to study further, she will not hesitate continue working and fending for herself. Nevertheless, if I can qualify myself I can land myself in a decent job and give her a better life”, Dhurv told his dean.

What should be the dean’s advice to Dhurv?