Saturday, 5 April 2014

Take What You Must, Give What You Can!

All along the way, were the shade less palm
The traveler was tired but tried to stay calm
What if pumpkins grew high up there?
And the thorny jack fruit right under my feet here?

Safely perched at a convenient height, the jack fruit preserves its sweetness under a thorny skin.

The oasis ahead had very little water in it
He drank as much as he thought was fit
“I must leave some for the thirsty animals” he thought
“In a while I’ll be home, they have harder battles to be fought!”

His traveled on until he heard the mountain’s voice
The heat made the trees dry, but his forehead moist
But the summer flowers were happy to bloom with the sun
While the creepers gave the trees some moisture and fun

The creeper shares its moisture and green looks with the tree...
He went back home, a happy and proud man
Take what you must and give what you can
The trees and the plants, the sun and the soil
Share with others, the fruits of their hard work and toil!

Author's note:

The pictures were clicked at Yercaud (children's seat). The view from this point was breath-taking and even in peak summer, the place was picture perfect. It reminded me of a Tamil poem. Summers in Tamil Nadu are severe and no poet had written a poem on this season. So one poet decided to find out the best things about summer and write a poem.

The poem when roughly translated goes thus:

It blares its arrival to the world through the hot winds. With the clear sky as it head, the waterless riverbed serving as its feet, summer enters the earth. The cuckoo, sitting, on the mango tree, sings the arrival of summer. The fruit of the palm tree is the gift that summer gives mankind!

Well, one is tempted to say, each season has its reason!