Wednesday, 30 April 2014

New Slate, Old Tale

It was close to 3 p.m. and Avinash woke Archana up gently.

“Let us start early. You know how the malls get crowded, especially today being Sunday,” Avinash clarified. Archana woke up and got ready in a jiffy.

“I wish I could spend a good time before the mirror, like all other women do. But your impatience allows me very little time even to sleep. Forget trying to look presentable” Archana lamented.

“You are a natural beauty. You don’t need to make yourself up. Besides I married you for the beauty of your heart, not your external beauty” Avinash cleverly manipulated his unsuspecting wife.

Archana tried hard not to blush but her cheeks would not listen to her! It was hard to believe that they had been married for more than 15 years. In a while Avinash was driving towards the mall that they were visiting only for the second time.

On reaching the mall, Avinash looked around for a parking lot.

“Avi, there are a few open car parks on the other side. Don’t try these hydraulic ones. Remember what happened last time?” Archana cautioned Avinash.

“Those are not open car parks. Besides, these car parks are better. They use state-of-the-art technology to move the entire car parks up and down. It is difficult to explain these things to you. But don’t worry, I will take care” Avinash assured his wife.

But as luck would have it, the car banged on a side poll and Avinash had to stop. He asked Archana to get off the car and guide him from outside. Archana got off the car. One look at the situation, and she realised that Avinash was trying to park a big car in a smaller car slot. On the previous occasion they had a hatchback, but subsequently, they had upgraded to a sedan. 

“Avi, the space is too less and I think you have to back out” Archana cautioned Avinash. Avinash was in no mood to listen to Archana. He tried pushing the bigger vehicle into a smaller space, and the backdoor got stuck between the demarcating poles.

“Please stop. If you do not trust me, why don’t you step out and see for yourself?” Archana pleaded.Finally, the commotion brought the security guard who took over from Avinash. As Avinash stepped down, he realised what he had done. The security guard brought a stone and used it as a lever to reverse the car. He then parked the car in the open slot. After thanking the guard, Avinash sheepishly looked at Archana. 

“Let me tell you what. The next time, I will listen to you. I understand that you too have a good judgement about driving,” Avinash’s voice carried guilt rather than conviction. 

“To assess if a car would fit into a space or not needs no driving sense. Just common sense is enough” Archana retorted. Avinash knew that he had to do something to pacify Archana. 

He always underestimated his wife’s judgement and today he had to pay a heavy price.

“Okay. Let us forget the past. Let us start on a new slate. The next time you guide me, I assure you that I will listen,” Avinash had to take bigger steps to keep pace with Archana.

“Forget it. If you have decided to use your common sense then the old slate itself is as good as new. If not a new slate will have the same old story,” Archana said as she dug into her handbag for the ‘to-do’ list!