Saturday, 12 April 2014

Jawhar – A windy wonder

This happened when my kids were still young and my words were their world! 

We decided to take a break from our hectic work schedule. But as always, we were the ‘last minute’ creatures and did not find any decent place to go to. As I walked back home from the bus stop, I cursed myself for not managing my affairs more meticulously.  I was nearing home, when I saw a travel agent’s shop and walked into it. We could still make the most of whatever was available.

The hotels were all booked and I told the guy at the shop to look for accommodation in a ‘place less traveled’!

After several attempts he suggested that we drive to a place called Jawhar.

Situated about 150 kms. from where we lived in Mumbai this place, the guy told me, was an underrated tourist destination. I was willing to take any place that would give me decent accommodation and went ahead with the booking.

As I was reached home, one of my friends called me to find out if I knew of any place that would give his family a last minute accommodation! I asked him to disconnect and assured him that I would call within 5 to 10 minutes. I called the travel agent and asked him if I could rent one more room and he obliged!

Sometimes, destiny works against you, so that your life can be more interesting and fun filled!

The next day, both our families set out to explore a place about which we knew close to nothing!

On reaching Jawhar, we gingerly checked into the hotel. After a quick breakfast, we set out to explore the place. What greeted us is still fresh in my memory!

Vibrant, colourful, educative are the words that best describe Jawhar! We saw a long forgotten fort, built by Chattrapathi Shivaji. The fort was strategically built allowing a 360 degree view of the entire place.

Jawhar - A windy wonder!

The whole location was a windy wonder! After spending most of the time in tiny homes, such wide expanse of soil and sky was heaven for Mumbaikars like us.

Swings tied to mango trees, Warli painted walls, green grounds, ever expanding blue firmament and the breath taking view from the windy mountains refreshed our body and soul alike!

Heritage walls - The tribal art work called Warli adorned every wall in Jawhar!

I made the children sit atop the rustic remains of a structure built in memory of the Maharaja of the mountains. The three sat there one with his eyes shut, the other with his ears and my daughter with her mouth closed.

“Gandhiji’s three monkeys” I told them as I clicked away to glory!

It is always fun when there are three monkeys to give you company...

It was a short trip and we returned to Mumbai the next day, richer by the experience.

Today, seven years later, when I narrated this to my children, they listened to every word.

“I bought a book that taught me the warli art and used it to teach you kids the basic shapes and introduce you to tribal art”, I told my daughter.

“Right” my daughter concurred before she continued.

“And if we ever visited Jawhar again, I will make you sit with your eyes, mouth and ears closed. You are very innocent and I don’t want you to see the evil deeds, hear the evil words or speak evil words, Amma” she concluded.

From timetables and Math tables, I now face time turned tables! I relished being on the other side of the table and gradually I am enjoying being on this side too!


prince said...

Yes. Jawahar is a nice place. Well written post.

Aparna K.S. said...

Thanks Prince!