Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A mother's request

After the drudgery of caring for my child,
I was so fatigued that one day that I called out to my creator.
"If you are present somewhere there kindly make me my child!"
Emotions overlapped each other and my anger was anything but mild!

My tired eyes had cried a lot all through the years,
And were only waiting for words to split my lips apart in pain.
The words spoken were mere waves that disappeared without a form.
But they did well in calming me and my misheard motherhood fears!

I slept and slept, with my ailing child beside me.
When I woke up my legs refused to carry me any further.
My tongue was struggling to utter words so easy and familiar.
I turned  around and looked at the form that had hitherto slept beside me!

My child was no longer there and in its place I saw me!
I slowly dragged myself to the mirror that made me look small.
My reflection looked like my sick baby whom I had cared for so long.
Very soon, my initial shock vanished and realization slowly dawned on me.

God had heard my words,those that I had spoken in helpless despair.
I had become my child as I had asked and my child, therefore had to become me!
My child woke up eventually and with ease picked me up gently, as she left the room.
I heard myself cry in hunger, though I wanted to change things as they were!

My daughter, or wait, my mother, gave me some baby food to eat.
She was doing everything I would have done, when the door bell rang!
The neighbour was at the door and let herself in the way she usually does.
"I pity you, yours is a tough life and if you ask me itis nothing short of a feat!"

"Any mother in my place would do just what I am doing.
If I were in my daughter's place I would only be happy that I have a mother
Who takes good care of me and to God I would remain indebted all my life"
She told my neighbor, sending waves of happiness throughout my tiny being!

My daughter vocalised her thoughts so clear and candid
I understood that barring the sickness my child is as normal as any other
And began my prayers to God to make me the mother once again, continued
Until the next morning, when I woke up as the mother and my child was my kid!

Author’s note:
I have seen a few mothers take care of their sick children. Their acceptance has amazed me, their dedication moved me beyond words. In an attempt to salute their brave spirits. I dedicate this poem, to those millions of women – mothers who care for their sick children the world over!