Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The butter seller

I saw this old man in a forlorn town,
And sat beside him with a visible frown!
The man was as old as old could be.
But I was upset and wanted him to see!

“What is bothering the goodness in you?”
He asked me quietly as I paid him his due,
For the butter that he sold to me.
“I have become bitter as you can see,”

From a corner of his spectacle’s rim,
He saw me kindly, as I spoke to him.
“I have a little story to share,
If you have some time to spare!”

His cracking lips gave way to a smile,
His words piercing the air like a missile!
“Do you know how I make butter?”
I wished I could ask someone on twitter!

Ignoring my silence the old man went on
I looked at him amazed as he was spot-on!
“Our mind is just like this pot,
The buttermilk that is churned is the thought!

Use your wisdom to churn your thoughts within,
Like the butter, they become, devoid of sin!”
My jaws held a slight crack - as,
Butter in hand, I retraced my steps back! 

The mind is the pot that holds your thoughts!

Author’s notes:

The mind is the pot that holds your thoughts. The mathu (or the churner) is the wisdom that you have, through the years of experience. Use it to churn these thoughts within the bounds of your mind. Your thoughts will become purer like the smooth butter.

Once all the butter is removed from the buttermilk it is known as whey.

After many years of churning, there will be no more thoughts in your mind, when the mind attains nirvana or the desire-less state!