Sunday, 1 June 2014

Self-Control begins thus!

A man in his forties went to a sage
He was fighting to control his rage!
"Oh," said the saint, his tone even and cool,
"Self-control is so easy even if you are a fool!"

The sage teased the man to see what he did.
"" the man checked himself in the mid!
"There you go, you have controlled your rage!"
"Go ahead, you can master it," said the wise sage.

The man was both happy and curious - for,
Until a while ago he would have been furious,
Had someone teased him or prodded him thus!
He realised that self-control is easy and within us.

It takes a moment of realization to find it.
Once found, it makes place for itself to fit.
"We learn self-control the day we start to walk,
And only lose it on the day that we begin to talk!"

The sage said much to the man's surprise!
"Could you explain, as I am not that wise,"
He said as the sage began to elaborate his words
"Walking is as easy for men as flying is to birds!"

"Can you define walking?" asked the holy man.
"Please tell me," said the sage's new found fan!
 "Walking is nothing but a self-controlled forward fall!
 Control your fall, and you will march ahead, strong and tall!"

Author's note:

When we hear people say that self-control is easier said than done, I always disagreed. There are things which are easier said than done, but not self control. It is as easy as walking. If only we believe that it is easy to practice, we can master it in a very short span of time. 

The scientific definition for walking goes thus:
'Self-controlled forward falling is walking!'