Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Economy Chain

"Ask the man that runs the business,"
Said the state head, of the mess.
The man who ran the business house,
Vehemently denied the charges, anger aroused!

"The blame game begins," mused one man.
"I can do only what I can!"
He was clueless as to where it all began,
And to get a work done, from pillar to post, he ran!

The press soon took up the vacant spot,
Making the news really hot!
Everyone began blaming the other;
Until, the common man could no longer bother!

A fresh issue surfaced from nowhere,
Causing a new nightmare!
The old issue was no longer a hot cake
As the latest issue was hotter and had more at stake!

Again the common man was woken
And the press looked all shaken!
"This one ranks supreme," they shouted.
"Expect the party that has been in power, to be routed!"

In came a lay man from a very small town,
He was small made and brown.
"Is there an issue?" he wanted to know.
People around filled his ears, keeping their voices low!

"In the food chain, the grass knows not
The food that the tiger caught
So also in the economy chain, the user
Knows little about the actual gainer or the loser!"

Said the tiny man to his attentive audience.
"It is nothing but common sense.
In the economy chain, what you lose,
Is what someone else gains and as you all muse,

Understand that what you gain, therefore,
Is the loss someone else bore!
So don't get bitter, try again with your might;
Gain or loss, just don't quit and keep up the fight!"