Saturday, 21 June 2014

Playing the revenge game by the rule...

Vivek and Aryan were on their motorbike, exhausted.

“Saturdays -  a weekend, is a misnomer, if we have to go to office,” rued Vivek.

Aryan was surprised at this reaction from his friend. It was Vivek who was usually cheerful and kept them in high spirits even during peak traffic hours.

“What’s with you today? Were you planning to sleep the day out?” inquired Aryan.

“Wanted to go on a hike. I am fine now. I just remembered a story. Let me see how you react to it,” Vivek changed the mood in a jiffy.

“There we go. Now, this is my friend,” Aryan punched his friend on his shoulder as he sat closer to hear the story.

“There was a king, a very ambitious king. He did everything within his power to take revenge on his detractors. But he was also very clever. He would make it seem that situation demanded such reactions from him and he himself was not to be blamed.

If the going got tough, he would shift the blame for his actions on to any by-stander that came his way. Many people in the kingdom were tired of the king’s games and wished that he pulled all his stunts on the enemy kingdom and spared his own country-men.

When it came to fighting battles, he would choose the fittest general to lead the army, while he himself enjoyed the comforts of his palace.

His subjects were displeased with the ways of the king and wanted to point out his errors. Time and again they requested the ministers to advise the king. But none of the ministers wanted to take the job on themselves, as they were wary of the king’s vengeful nature.

One day, when the king was away rejoicing in the countryside, the subjects, along with the ministers gathered to discuss about the issue. A young boy, Vidur, who had accompanied his father remained a silent spectator, as the elders were in serious discussion.

Even after many hours of discussing the problem the adults could not find an answer to their problem. Finally, young Vidur stepped forward and addressed the crowd.

“Though I am not old enough to give ideas, I request you all humbly to give me chance to speak to the king,” he said, humbly.

The crowd became silent as the boy’s father pulled him back. “He is only a child and will not be able to handle the king’s wrath,” Vidur’s father clarified.

The next day, Vidur asked his father to take him to the King’s court. His father was afraid, but could not refuse.

On reaching the court, the young boy walked ahead and stood fearlessly in front of the King.

“Your majesty, I have a doubt which nobody has been able to clarify. Therefore I decided to bring it to you as you are the most intelligent person in our kingdom,” began the clever boy.

The King ordered him to continue.

“My friend is in deep trouble. His father beat him one day because he did not behave properly. My friend, though, decided to take revenge on his father. When his mother came to know of it, she told him that since she had been very kind towards her son on several occasions, he had to repay her kindness before taking revenge on his father. She had also told him that every time he thought of taking revenge on someone, he should repay one kind act of others towards him. Is she right?” concluded Vidur.”

The king thought for a while. But without consulting his ministers, he ordered that in his kingdom every one must repay an act of kindness whenever they thought of taking revenge.

He looked towards Vidur and said, "Let him repay one kind act and then take his revenge!"

"Your majesty after repaying an act of kindness, he will again think of taking revenge. So again he has to repay another act of kindness. You passed the order too soon," Vidur remarked, bowing before the king.

Vivek took a deep breath before parking his scooter. He turned towards his friend who was still deep in thought.

“It is so easy to think of revenge, but very difficult to repay an act of kindness. Well, I have never thought of this before,” Aryan mused.