Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Avaiaar and Aachi...

An interesting story about Avaiyaar (A well-known Tamil poet) on adulteration…

One day Avaiyaar was walking in the hot sun. Thirsty, tired, she looked around for something that would keep her going. She saw an old woman (Aachi) selling buttermilk.

Avaiyaar decided to buy some buttermilk to quench her thirst. But after taking a sip of the drink, she realised that it was mostly water. Avaiyaar, being a poet was a kind-hearted person. She could not tell the lady on her face that she was selling adulterated buttermilk. But even Avaiyaar’s kindness was put to test, when the old lady asked Avaiyaar to describe the buttermilk in a poetic manner, in lieu of the money that she had to pay!

Yet she had to convey the message. How she ended up telling what she wanted to convey makes for a very interesting read.

“Oh water, when you are present in the sky, you are called as cloud. When you pour down from the sky to earth you are known as water. When you are reach Aachi’s hands you become buttermilk! You are known by these three names and when I consume you, you attain salvation!”

Diplomacy is a very important aspect of human behaviour. In a quick world people seem to have lost the knack for it, as emotions, like messages travel fast and when they are negative, they travel faster!

The old lady who sold the buttermilk was at the mercy of passers-by. She was giving them whatever she could afford. Therefore it was not prudent to fight with her. At the same time Avaiyaar wanted to convey to the lady that she was not getting cheated and she is knowingly letting her get away, and what better way to do it than to tell it diplomatically!