Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Slowing Values, Speeding Life

“Mama, I need to submit this work today!”
“Don’t worry, the baby sitter will be here soon.
Ask her to do it and please tell her that I will pay,”
Said the mother to her little boy watching his cartoon.

“Dad, I need to submit this project in college!”
“Can you just walk up to the street corner and buy it?
Tell him that I will pay him when I get my monthly wage,”
The teenager was checking if his new jersey was a good fit.

“This report needs to be submitted to the boss soon!”
“You must tell your juniors to complete it quickly for you.
Tell them that the boss wants to see it latest by afternoon,”
His peer told him while he stood patiently in the ticket queue.

“These children need to be born to someone, now!”
“The demons are now in charge of this and they know.
Tell them to do their best and complete the task somehow,”
Ordered the creator to his junior, while watching the heavenly show.

Author's note:

A witty thought  on what must be going on at the creator's end, if things happen the way it does on earth!

World over people are becoming more and more wary of taking on responsibilities. Should something go wrong, we all want someone to take the blame. As a race we are becoming sensitive to criticism as fear of failure is crippling the best in us.

It is time to break free and do things without getting bogged down by the outcome. 

If our thoughts are good and we put in sincere efforts, we can succeed in whatever we do!