Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My name is hope!

I am the making of a tree,
On the blessed lap of mother earth.
The rays from the hot sun set me free,
As the sprinkling rain ensured my birth!

I am the splitting of the light,
That forms the seven coloured arch,
When the mighty sun loses the fight,
To tiny water drops on a victory march!

I am the blooming of a flower,
That spreads its fragrance all around.
The earth gets soaked in a colourful shower,
By the petals that open out without a sound!

I am the ripening of the fruit,
To tell the world that all is not bitter.
The sweet smell then takes an aerial route -
A call to feast the fruit, so the seeds may litter!

Again, I am the making of a tree,
That finds its way upwards without a rope!
The roots grow beneath, where no one can see.
And all these happen because they begin with hope!

I am the making of a life,
On the noble lap of mother earth.
Call me nature, I am abundant and rife.
But my name is hope and I begin as firth!