Sunday, 25 May 2014

Unforced Error

A body of coherent matter,
Came speeding towards me.
I could have let matters be;
But it was of indefinite shape!

And its considerable size,
Made me sit taut and upright.
I wanted to give it a fight;
Though its speed kept increasing!

I had to face it with all I had,
'cause the product of the two.
Could topple even a queue;
Facing it could be an error unforced!

Some come in physical form,
While others are games of the mind.
It can unbind or it can sometimes bind;
Find him out within you to succeed! 

Author's note:

The first para talks about a coherent matter with considerable size and indefinite size, which is the definition of mass.

In the second para we talk about increasing speed indicating acceleration. The product of the two is force.

In life we need not face up to every force that comes our way. Choosing your battle is important.

In a metaphoric sense force is not always physical. People force us to do things we may not want to. Like physical force, even the figurative force can make or break relationships.

In order to tide over the figurative force, we should find the inner force that can help us face obstacles and lead us in the forward in our chosen path!