Sunday, 11 May 2014

Oh Mother, My Mother!

 As a tiny speck I started my life within the safe bounds of you.
Back then, you hardly knew I was growing inside of you!
Then, one day, you jumped up, mad with happiness and joy!
‘I am going to have a baby, it could be a girl or it could be a boy.’

No matter what, you knew you were going to be a mother.
You bothered not about what baby you had, your son will have a sister or brother!
Then I grew and grew till your tummy could hold me no more,
I came out into the wide world, you were happy though your body, sore.

‘Oh it’s a girl this time’ an old aunty examined me before she said.
You did not care, you took me in your arms and with your milk lovingly fed,
The tiny little life that you had so dearly protected and delivered.
“You are my little angel, you are my life’s pride,” in my ears you whispered!

I knew not what was going on around, for you were there to protect me.

I knew not what was going on around, for you were there to protect me.
Oh mother! You were equally my pride; you were my eyes through which I could see.
But since you were an angel, whatever I saw through your eyes looked good.
And I saw nothing wrong with the world around as I watched it from where I stood!

So I took bold steps and I dared to leave your hand that I held thus far.
Very soon I grew into a beautiful girl and began thinking I was on par,
With you, my mother, who had brought me up with so much love and care!
Until one day, I strayed too far away, for now I thought I was old enough to dare.

 I did not realise that now I stood not beside you and saw not through your eyes.
And alas, now that I am alone and by myself the world was not as beautiful, as nice!
I suddenly felt all grown up and responsible and had to take care of myself.
Fear gripped me as I realised that a girl, alone, has a lot to take care of all by herself.

After my own battles with my life I felt a speck of tiny life take shape within me.
As I stood at the entrance of motherhood, I missed you, ‘cause I wanted you to see,
How beautiful and how strong a woman your tiny little angel has grown up to be.
With you I wanted to share my happiness. Mother, be by my side, to share my glee!

Strange feelings were taking shape within me as I felt both like a child and a parent!
Though I do know you have a life to lead, I feel mothers are the angels that are God-sent!
But Mother, you must have missed your mother as much as I miss you now.
So I know I will manage fine just as you did, and get over my feelings somehow!


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Aparna K S said...

Thank you, Anu.

Swati Sarangi said...

Its awesome, specially the first line has itself created an aura of your words.
Impressive!! :)